Well hellooo Sunday!

It’s too hot to go outside and a perfect day to eat an insane amount of chocolate (which, make no mistake, I am going to do), I am also going to take exactly fifteen minutes to marinate some chicken for Chicken Masala. Fifteen minutes and that’s it.

I really wanted to give you a recipe today, believe me. But I feel a nap coming on already, so I’ll leave you with this photograph instead along with a list of stuff that I’ve been drooling at lately. I hope you find orchids pretty.


This article on writing exercises that help when you’re stuck in a rut with the words. The second and the fourth ones are particularly effective. I have written many a post on this blog, starting with a comment I made on someone else’s.

Just bought this. One more bright spot in my cloudy cloudy days. Apparently I’m trying to attract bees to make it seem like Spring again.

The last time I made panna cotta was during a breezy 2009 summer in Mumbai. It had vanilla and mint in it and it turned out in two very distinct layers, sweet, grainy and inedible. It probably wouldn’t have gone this wrong if this was around. Or this. Don’t go around making panna cottas without reading those.

Kate Christensen and the latest from her. I want briny oysters in mignonette and cocktail sauce now. Like right now. And I want a ‘Boat Day’ too.

Elissa Altman talks of toast and gluten-free biscuits. She makes me want to talk about toast all day. Her writing is stuff I like to spend Sunday afternoons with. Or any afternoon.

Happy Sundaying y’all.


happy sunday

Lazy Sunday morning.

– My contribution to Honest Cooking so far. Working on a piece that simplifies curry for beginners and enthusiasts.

– Dreaming about Jensen Ackles. Because he is just the right amount of dreamy. Enough not to distract you from work and yet, make you hurry home and snatch the TV remote away from other family members just so you can watch him in all his demon-busting glory.

– Making green tomato sabji…or something you have with flat breads. Or in my case, on slices of bread.

– Can’t believe how perfect these are for me. Putting them on my “must-try” list, even though I haven’t had much success getting through the list so far.

– Sliced a whole bunch of onions for lunch today. Potluck at our place. Word on the street is that there’s a large pot of Chicken Makhni (butter chicken) making its way over here in sometime. Can’t wait.

Happy Sunday everyone.