An Attempt at Narcissism

Amrita Chowdhury

Hello, I’m Amrita. And I’m always around food.

Or maybe there’s always food around me? But hey, whatever. The point is that I’m about food. This blog is about food. The writing is (mostly) about food and stories that revolve around food. And there’s quite a bit about travel, writing and art too. And I hope you’re hungry.

I come from a family of eaters. Greedy eaters you can spot from a mile away. We eat. We share. We talk about it. We discuss and dissect every meal in detail. And we tell our friends and relatives about it till they yell at us to shut it. And this sort of inherited gluttony obviously explains the extra inches on my thighs. I’m a thorough chocoholic and a serial traveler with wild out-of-control hair. I’m also weirdly obsessed with collecting stationery. My family is spread out over India and England and as a result I’m one of those specimens who have consumed copious amounts of airplane food enough to write a book on them. If you don’t catch me at the airport then I’m probably off somewhere gorging on a plain cheese pizza.

So, get a steaming cup of tea, or better yet a mug of hot chocolate, settle yourself down at the dining table and listen to me while I rant on about this part of my life. And I would love to hear back from you!

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34 thoughts on “An Attempt at Narcissism”

  1. It sounds cliche but, your name on one of the comments on Baker Bettie’s blog totally drew me over here! I’m Amrita too and haven’t met anyone in real life with the same name. So, when I saw yours in the comments section, I jumped over immediately. I relate with your story too. The cross-country distress calls to the mom asking for instructions on a certain dish, coming from a family that loves food (I’m lucky to have all of them be great cooks/bakers as well), struggling to manage regular posts on a blog – everything sounds familiar to me 🙂 I’m glad I bumped into you and I’m having fun reading your blog too (Pssst, I don’t know if it’s just me or if pictures on your blog are missing, I just see empty boxes).

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words!
      And yes, I’ve been updating my rss and the links appeared broken….I’ve fixed most of them now. Thanks for reminding me! 😀

    1. Oh well…I think by using “putting on the kettle”, I was just trying to make another excuse to snack! And thank you for your lovely comments!

  2. Your blog is lovely! Thank you for your comments on mine. I’m going to subscribe now just so I don’t miss any of your lovely photo and entertaining stories 🙂 Cx

  3. LOVE ur writing amrita! im so glad i got to know ur lovely blog (& u).. reading about u i went thru ‘deja-vu’ chocoholic? same here, high heels & bags? love them too! inheritted gluttony runs in my veins too! haha.. keep writing 🙂

  4. Fantastic! We are similar. OMG! I started writing because my friends have deserted me now as I bore them to death as to how they should ‘freeze’ while eating so that I could take the perfect picture and how I think that the whole world is just a happy place to eat and travel. So glad that you left a comment and I track backed to yours. Your blog is fantastic. Happy eating & sharing!

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I hope you find some recipes that you will love! I just started reading some of your posts this morning – you are a fantastic writer – engaging and interesting – love your blog!

    1. Why Thank You! I’m flattered…and blushing…and flattered that you would think my blog deserved it! So excited! 😀

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I think you are right. You and I should be best friends. Not only are we both chocoholics, we may actually be from the same family tree! My family is the same way – absolutely obssessed with food. And I feel you on the accessories; I get a little weak in the knees when I spot a perfect pair of heels or a purse! Kidding aside, I think your photos are gorgeous and your writing engaging. Happy eating!

  7. Hi Amrita, I was recommended your blog by a friend who reads them extensively – I’m trying to start a food blog too but what I wind up with is about 1,000 photos of the things I cook and never enough time to post anything! Even though my life is stupidly kushi!

    Looking forward to reading more, especially if you live in London and love food – as I do!

    1. Hi Sanjukta! Why don’t you start a blog? And even if you don’t write anything you can just put up the pictures…it could be a like pictorial food journal! Let me know if you do start something or leave a link here. 🙂

  8. Hello Amrita, we’ve nominated you ‘The Beautiful Blogger Award’ 😀

    Feel free to participate.
    The rules of the Beautiful Blogger award:
    • Thank the one who nominated you by linking back
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    Thank YOU for posting up wonderful materials!

  9. Loved your honesty while you wrote this, and believe me, I got exactly the same kind of untamed, frizzy bunch of hair on my head.
    Glad I found you, love your recipes 🙂

  10. You’re quite simply the best Amrita. Your description about yourself here was hilarious, in a way. Oh my! Did I have to pull my lips back in position from smiling?? 😉
    Well, I absolutely second your idea about “High-heel shoes make me drool, bags make me sigh and I’m strangely addicted to stationery – pencils to be specific.” Wow! Makes me think. Did I get into your head while you put these words down here?? Anyway, in other words, I loovveeddd your ABOUT ME section and I am so glad to have stumbled across your lovely haven here.

    I’ll keep coming for the awesomely delicious picture laid recipes that you’ve shared. Cant stop to write them down in my food-diary!

    Keep posting as you got an avid-visitor. 🙂


    P.S.: My family and extended family and other past generations all have been the same. Ardent-foodies!!

  11. Hey!!!
    Girl, your food pics are just ….ill keep it to “tempting”. I love food , i love clicking random pictures of what I eat and i love people who love food…(psst I cant cook though 😦 )…but i think ur website will help me do that too

  12. amrita! how are you? i am loving your recipies. and reading about it. and i am spreading the joy to friends, who are loving it too!! keep cooking 🙂

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