Top 10: Favorite Fashion Illustrators

I’ve been adding to my list of talented fashion illustrtators for quite sometime now, and here are my top 10 personal favorites.

OK, well. Top 10 is a small list, admittedly. With so much talent and inspiration out there, it is impossible to cram in all the illustrators I admire, on one list. This list is a LOT shorter than the original one. The original one had 41 illustrators on it! And I’ve spent the last two days poring over each one of their works and carefully editing the list. It would be impossible for me to strike out any more names! I’m in love with them all!

Who’s your favorite? Any upcoming illustrator whose work you like?


1. Sophie Griotto

2. Laura Laine

3. Nuno DaCosta

4. Shannon Toth

5. Miminne

6. Kareem Iliya

7. Sandra Suy

8. Stina Persson

9. Naja Vonrad-Hansen

10. Spiros Halaris


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16 thoughts on “Top 10: Favorite Fashion Illustrators”

  1. I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for including me on your list! I feel SOOOOOO honoured that you considered my drawings worth a mention.
    Thank you again!
    All my very best,

  2. Featuring more than a few illustrators that I just adore! Plus a couple more that I’ll have to bookmark now!

  3. I like Sophie a lot, but my greatest love is still The Maestro Antonil Lopez.
    BTW I like your blog;)

    1. Thanks!

      Antonio Lopez was of course, a master…I do believe he was the first of his kind. Most fashion illustrators of the nineties were heavily inspired by his work of the eighties.

  4. Lovely post on fabulous fashion illustrators! Sophie Griotto is my favorite from your list 🙂
    And thank you for your Like and sweet comment on my Smile illustrations.

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