An Attempt at Narcissism

Rocking those sideburns!

Hello, I’m Amrita. And I’m always around food.

Or maybe there’s always food around me? But hey, whatever. The point is that I’m about food. This blog is about food. The writing is (mostly) about food. And I hope you’re hungry.

I’m a thorough chocoholic and a serial traveler with wild out-of-control hair. I’m also weirdly obsessed with collecting stationery.

My family is spread out over India and England and as a result I’m one of those specimens who’ve consumed copious amounts of airplane food enough to write a book on them. If you don’t catch me at the airport then I’m probably off somewhere gorging on a plain cheese pizza.

The blog is, at the moment, a mish-mash of stories and recipes, to be honest.

I come from a family of eaters. Greedy eaters you can spot from a mile away. We eat. We share. We talk about it. We discuss and dissect every meal in detail. And we tell our friends and relatives about it till they yell at us to shut it. And this sort of inherited gluttony obviously explains the extra inches on my thighs.

But it also means that you are required to get a steaming cup of tea, or better yet a mug of hot chocolate, settle yourself down at the dining table and listen to me while I rant on about this part of my life. And I would love to hear back from you! I can be reached at




It feels like I’m about start leaking marbles from my ears. Can you see it? Can you see the veins against my temples starting to split at their seams? In a moment, I’ll leak and be declared insane. You, darling reader, would be happy to know, that I have survived a meltdown. Of elephantine proportions. …

Mum’s Chicken Rice

I’ve inherited close to a ton, from my father. Like him, I’m an unnecessary level of logical. Inherently pessimistic and resourceful (which makes me one of the best people to stay close to during a zombie invasion, if you’re taking notes). I have a dimpled chin and narrow set eyes like he does, and I’m …


Oh, don’t fret! I’m still working on the vacation posts. Yes, postS, in plural. It would be impossible — and criminal — to cover three fabulous cities in one post. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been obsessed with lately. We went for Dunkirk a couple of days back and I caught myself staring lustily at the …